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Hair Regrowth Treatment – The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatments

Medication is the most commonly used treatment to prevent balding and re-grow the hair. A range of treatments are available to stop hair loss and re-grow, our products are 100% reliable and genuine. All products are verified and approved by medical authority and many customers have tried and satisfied with the results.



Pangaea ltd’s products are combined with latest techniques and well researched and highly advanced and fast acting hair loss treatment that has no known side effects. If you would like to stop your hair from falling out and start growing new hair in shot period, perhaps you are at the right place, try our hair regrowth treatment, medicine and feel the change!


The Nanogen treatment works on both, men and women. We want to make Nanogen be presented to everybody who needs it and hence we kept the prices very reasonable. For most of the people, hair loss is mild and occurs later in life, however, when hair loss is premature or severe, it can be source of distress. To solve this issue, numbers of treatments are available which can effectively slow or reduce hair loss and help in re-growth.



Nanogen is committed to let you achieve a healthier and successfully re-grow the hair you have lost and to retain the hair you still have with excellent products/medicines and treatments. Our surgical and nonsurgical hair re-growth treatments are very effective and have been used by many of satisfied customers.


The average human scalp contains between 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. These grow from the follicle or root, underneath the skin. The hair is fed by blood vessels at the base of the follicle, giving it the nourishment it needs to grow. Each hair goes through a growth cycle independent of the other hairs on the scalp.


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