Treatment for hair

Treatment for hair loss

Long, short, black or blond, hair is one of the first things that someone notices in a person. So we cannot afford to take our hair for granted. like tresses is every woman’s dream but seldom does she succeed in achieving this goal. There are numerous different ways by which we can damage our hair. Whether it is swimming or hair coloring or hair straightening or just being out in sun unprotected, it is our hair that suffers the most.

We have an array of hair needs ranging from taming frizz to volumizing thin hair and coloring to styling. But before that one has to fight with the hair problems that lurk every now and then & later we look for best treatment for hair. More often than not people suffer from one or the other hair problem. Whether it is hair loss, dandruff, dry hair or split ends, it always makes us less confident about our looks.

There are several reasons as to why one notices more hair on her/his brush than normal. Vitamin deficiency, thyroid problem as well as menopause can cause severe hair fall. Protein plays a key role in strengthening and promoting hair growth. The easiest and most basic way to treat hair loss is the inclusion of protein rich foods like meat, milk and dairy products in our diet. Nuts, seeds, eggs and fish are important source of omega-3 fatty acid which helps in reducing inflammation and create a healthy scalp for better hair growth. At times iron and zinc deficiency also cause hair loss and thin & brittle hair. But the supplement for these deficiencies should be taken after doctor’s consultation.

However there are various clinical methods to deal with the problem of hair loss. Minoxidil lotion is said to have considerable effect when it comes to hair growth. Corticosteroid injections are medicines containing steroids. They work by suppressing the immune system. This is useful in alopecia areata because the condition is thought to be caused by the immune system damaging the hair follicle. Immunotherapy is also an effective form of treatment for hair having an issue of extensive or total hair loss, although fewer than half of those who are treated will see worthwhile hair re-growth. Whereas some people also go for Ultraviolet light treatment, hair transplant and Artificial hair implantation

Treatment for hair loss

Dry hair is another problem which people face more often than not.  Dry hair feel course, frizzy and can break easily. Extreme heat leaves the hair dry and so do chemicals. Use of Mayo, Olive oil and Egg yolk for hair massage before washing the hair provides a significant help in coping up with the problem of dry and frizzy hair and makes them smooth and shiny.

One should also try to use shampoo that contains keratin as it would help in help in rebuilding hair follicle which would facilitate in holding moisture. While buying the conditioner as well one should check for its protein content, as protein fortifies the damaged area thereby making the hair stronger. Poor diet, stress and dry climate result in itchy scalp. Mixture of fresh lemon juice and olive oil helps in treating this problem.

Although there are various products in the market for various hair problems but the need of the hour is balanced diet, healthy habits and proper care of our this valuable possession.  For more details please visit:



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